Carrie Mathison Loves a Good Theory


While our beloved Homeland protagonist wouldn’t exactly make the best cover girl, the actress who plays her certainly does. After appearing in Vogue, ELLE and most recently, Interview, Claire Danes graces the cover of Glamour’s January issue. In a rather anti-Carrie manner, Danes slips on a red dress, swipes on some lipstick and slaps on a smile to remind us that her own life does not, in fact, revolve around fighting terrorism (or, perhaps more provocatively, sleeping with the assumed enemy).


When she’s not busy scheming with Saul, recruiting assets for the CIA’s latest unofficial operative or (as per previews of the next episode) traveling to Iran to find Brody, Danes puts her Emmy-winning alter-ego aside to enjoy her real-life husband (Hugh Dancy) and son, Cyrus. In her Glamour interview, Danes talks about her marriage, which seems much more normal than the are-they-or-aren’t-they relationship she maintains on screen with Homeland co-star Damien Lewis.

And since it is, after all, a magazine committed to fashion, the actress reveals a little bit about her character’s wardrobe – or lack thereof. “Carrie wears a lot of Theory…She’s a Theory girl. It’s a lot of navy. A lot of navy. I actually forget how to wear my own clothing when I’m filming because I wear basically the same pair of jeans and a long-sleeve T-shirt and then change out of it and immediately into my pantsuit.” Luckily, a stylist was on-hand to put together Danes’ vibrant looks for her Glamour shoot, which features a blue-on-denim ensemble in addition to the red and white patterned dress she wears on the cover. Oh, and there’s an adorable puppy involved, so we suggest you check it out for a dose of Claire/Carrie to hold you over until the next Homeland episode airs.