Celeb Chef Giada De Laurentiis Glams Up Clairol

When you star on one of the top cooking shows around, have New York Times best-sellers that'll turn culinary novices into top chefs, and namesake kitchen products, it's safe to say that the world can put their desire for the delectable in your hands. When you've got great looks and killer hair to match, it's only a matter of time before you go from culinary master to cosmetics ambassador. Giada De Laurentiis, petite kitchen master and host of “Giada At Home,” has partnered with Clairol as their new brand ambassador. The Italian powerhouse gave us a peek inside the new role and the world of what's cookin' while being good lookin'.

You're not only a chef, but also a major, award-winning television personality. How are you able to mix the glitz and glam with the cooking?

I’ve based my entire brand and career on mixing the glitz and the glam. In the past, people didn’t want to be in the kitchen and didn’t feel glamorous while in it. I’m trying to change all of that by making cooking look and feel glamorous, yet effortless – a little aspirational but accessible all at the same time. This is why I think the partnership with Natural Instincts works so well. What better way to build confidence in women than to make their hair look and feel shiny? It’s all part of confidence-building, I do it through food, and Natural Instincts does it through hair color.

Now that you're working with Clairol, you can add beauty ambassador to your résumé. How did this partnership come about?

When I first started my cooking show, I received many questions about my nails and beauty routine. I always wanted to show people, like myself that work in a not-so glamorous industry, how they can be glamorous. This partnership is so exciting after years of being told I couldn’t do this because the industry was a highly competitive market that typically went to movie and TV stars, not to cooks or chefs. I am so happy I got to break down that stereotype, and I hope I was able to break down that door for a young girl who can cook and feel glamorous at the same time.

What does being a Clairol woman mean to you?

It means that can hair can feel really good, shiny, bouncy! It means that at the end of the day, I can feel empowered and that is so important. I want women to feel good about themselves, I want them to look in the mirror and love what they see. That’s what I teach my daughter. We’re all special in our own way and should be the best you can be.

What color from their Natural Instincts line are you wearing now?

The color is Natural Instincts Toasted Almond, number 12. There are lots of golden highlights in my hair, kind of like the highlights I got when I was younger and let lemon mist and sun do its magic. Now I let Natural Instincts do its magic in just 10 minutes! I use the conditioner once a week and it makes you want to touch your hair – makes a woman feel sexy.

As women, we identify ourselves with our hair. We don’t realize until we go through something with our hair. Why not take great care of it? Natural Instincts is a quick, inexpensive way to do so.

What's your day-to-day hair routine like? Any Italian, homegrown hair secrets?

I’m definitely a wash-and-go kind of girl. I don’t even brush my hair in the morning! I wake up, flip my head upside down and go out. I recommend a little bit of olive oil on the ends of your hair to help keep it shiny. A lot of exfoliating is great, especially for my face. I would say trying baking soda and olive oil all over your body; kosher salt with papaya is a wonderful combination; avocado masks; cucumbers under your eyes; and olive oil on cuticles and nails to keep them looking shiny on camera.

Speaking of routines, what are some of your must-have beauty products?

The conditioner that comes with every box of Natural Instincts rocks. I love mascara; I’ve been using CoverGirl since I was 12 years old. Flavored lip balm, especially Strawberry, makes my daughter want to kiss me more. And blush is a must.

With beauty, we know that it's not just what you put on your body, but also what you put in it. As a chef, what are some of the best foods to help get great hair?

For great hair, drink lots of water. Also, make sure to eat good fats like olive oil, lean proteins, and avocados are fabulous for the skins as well as almonds are a great source of protein and antioxidants. Natural Instincts hair color has good ingredients including aloe, antioxidants, and vitamins.

It's almost summer time, and we're seeing a lot of ombre, beach hair, and loose, tousled styles. What hair trends will you be following and which do you want to see go away?

In the summertime, I work less on my hair. It’s like fighting nature; it’s not worth it. I typically wear my hair half-up with little loose ringlets to frame my face. When you get dry beach hair during the summer, you can put a little olive oil on your hair and a little bit will go a long way. I truly believe that your hairstyle depends on how you feel and what your face can carry off. I do hope big hair goes away! I have pictures of when I was younger with big hair; I hope that never comes back!

You've mastered the cooking industry and now, with Clairol, you're taking on hair color. Are there any namesake hair or makeup lines in the works?

No, but I’m not saying I wouldn’t want to!

What are you looking forward to most as a Clairol celebrity ambassador?

I’m looking forward to empowering all different types of women and also empowering young women as they go out into the world to find what they want to do. You can be beautiful and glamorous no matter what you do.