Celebrity Facts: 13 Things You Didn’t Know About Jessica Alba



When it comes to Jessica Alba, squeaky-clean is an understatement. Though she's known to sizzle it up on screen and in glossies that tout her as one of the sexiest women alive, in real life, she's wholesome in the most honest way. No salacious scandals, no juicy tales; just a loveable lady who's work outside of Hollywood is geared toward making the world a cleaner, safer, more sustainable place. If that's not reason enough to go jolly for Jessica, these 13 little-known facts about the starlet will surely make you smile.

1. Hot rod: The mother of two isn't afraid to take a ride on the wild side. She's a huge fan of Harley Davidson motorcycles, though as Max Guevara on her 2000 series Dark Angel, she rode a Kawasaki Ninja.

2. The set of her sci-fi Fox show turned into a family affair. Her real-life little brother Joshua Alba joined the show for its season 1 finale, “…And Jesus Brought a Casserole,” where he portrayed Guevara's genetically-enhanced brother.

3. Hands off: though she co-starred in both Never Been Kissed and Idle Hands with Sean Whalen, the two never appeared on screen together.

4. Before she tore up the dance floor in Honey and broke out the bikinis in Into the Blue, Alba was a cute California kid who starred in advertisements for Nintendo and J. C. Penney. Though, we're sure you remember her as the dream girl on Nickelodeon's The Secret World of Alex Mack.

5. Before we dig into Alba's bag, it's important to note the type of bag she carries. Last month, she was spotted with a black Loeffler Randall “Rider” bag ($495), which she admittedly keeps stocked with hand sanitizer and lip balm… from her own Honest Company, of course.

6. She doesn't take squeezing into her Sanctuary “Safari” skinny jeans in vain. The 32-year-old takes her health seriously, as she suffered from a series of serious ailments as a child, including a kidney infection, pneumonia, anorexia, and asthma. She maintains a healthy diet by eating a serving of vegetables with each meal and juicing her greens. In fact, part of her post-pregnancy weight loss involved eating unlimited salads, something she's been spied munching on at L.A.'s Tavern restaurant.

7. But that doesn't mean she's not one to indulge. Alba loves to cook chicken enchiladas and homemade tortillas, and her guilty pleasures are wings, chips, and salsa.

8. If she's ever looking for a way out of acting, Alba may want to turn to the classroom. She was voted as the top celebrity people would want as a substitute teacher in a 2006 survey of the National Education Association. Professor A has a ring to it, no?!

9. Perhaps, in another life, she would have tapped into her family's military roots. Her maternal grandfather was a Marine who served during World War II, while her father was part of the Air Force, prompting her family's early moves to Mississippi, California, and Texas in between.

10. Alba isn't the only notable alum from Claremont, California's namesake high school. Ben Harper, brothers Albert Hughes and Allen Hughes, and Breaking Bad's Matt Jones, also attended, the latter of which roamed CHS’ halls during the same time as Alba.

11. Mission Impossible III's Lindsey Ferris role could have been Alba's. She was considered along with Lindsay Lohan and Katie Holmes for the spot, but eventually lost out to Keri Russell. Alba was a good sport about it though; she spoofed the film at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards with Topher Grace and Flavor Flav.

12. Punk for pugs: the fashion world was fixated on punk for 2013, but Alba's loyalty to the subculture is rooted in man's best friend. Her pair of pugs, Sid and Nancy, were named after late Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious and his ill-fated lover Nancy Spungen.

13. Ever wonder what happened to Alba's infamous Sin City bra? It was reportedly auctioned off on eBay for $1,025. No Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra numbers, but still more than we'd pay for underpinnings.