Christian Siriano Talks Fashionable Dessert, Fall Trends, and Fragrance


Christian Siriano knows how much we Glam girls love fashion and good food. His collaboration with Chef Andrew Carmellini and MAGNUM in creating “America's Most Fashionable Dessert” had us drooling from the minute we heard about it, and upon its reveal, we were certainly not disappointed. Siriano revealed to Glam the inspiration to work with MAGNUM, fall trends he's looking forward to, fashion week planning, and his upcoming fragrance that everyone should be excited about.

What about MAGNUM inspired you to get involved? What is it about this particular food matches with fashion?

I think in this really specific instance it made sense because my whole Spring 2014 collection was a little bit inspired by food anyway. The whole idea of this trip I took to Mexico and the island life–we were looking at guava fruit, mangoes–they all inspired the collection’s color palette. So then we were kind of thinking, “I want to make something that when you’re eating, you kind of feel like you’re at an oasis and a different place.” Which is kind of how you feel when you put on a certain dress. You feel like you’re a different person and you’re in a different world. It just so happened that I’ve always been a huge fan of MAGNUM, and I really like the ice cream. And pairing the double caramel with the coconut and the mango–I think that was a perfect fit for this particular collection at the time. It was kind of the perfect fit.

Looking ahead to fall – what are some of the trends that you’re really excited about?

For the fall collection we have coming out, it was all kind of inspired by a French muse–her name is Lisa Fonssagrives, and the whole idea of it was that it's all about always being overdressed than underdressed. So I like for fall to be a little more glamorous than normal. I think the last couple seasons, people have been kind of more bohemian and casual, and now I think it’s all about kind of getting dressed again.

How is the process of preparing for Fashion Week?

It’s really hard, actually. It’s really a challenge when it’s like a hundred degrees out in the summer, and you’re kind of not really in the mood. But it’s nice. We just finished Resort, which was great. And it was nice to have a kind of little vacation with that–Resort’s always a bit more calm. But I’m really into what we’re doing right now. I’m playing with a lot of shapes that I’ve never done before, which will be something really new. I just wanted to do a lot of new things so hopefully it works out–we’ll see.

Is there anything new that you’re working on or any new projects that you’re willing to share?

We launch a fragrance this fall, which is really exciting! We shot a really beautiful film with an actress Rebecca Dayan, who is a younger French actress. It’s going to be really cool.