Ciara is Bringing a Body Party to the Grammys with Baby on Board!


After the show it’s the after-party. In the case of the 56th annual Grammy Awards, the exclusive, post-ceremony soirée will be a Roaring ‘20s-themed one with Ciara set to take the stage.


“I want it to be fun,” said Ciara, who last performed at the actual awards show in 2006 for a Sly & the Family Stone tribute. “That’s the most important thing for me. I want for the fans and people to feel the music and to be able to walk away with a great experience.”

A charming performer whose dance routines are energetic and electric, Ciara’s impending act involves a surprise guest: her unborn child. Though she unveiled her pregnancy a week ago during an interview on ABC’s The View, she says it won’t slow down her January 26th date. For Ciara, balance is everything.

“It truly has been an adjustment, physically. I didn’t even know what to expect when new life was being created in my body, but it’s just ultimately about balance,” the mommy-to-be revealed during her New York stop on the Degree DO MORE campaign. “I do eat the fun things that I like, but I try to make sure I still get in a good protein, and I try to get in the good vegetables, and water, and greens, because that’s really important for the baby. Just balance; that’s the key.”

We caught up with Ciara at Manhattan’s Jungle City Studios where she kept things harmonious with Degree Deodorant, Phillip Phillips, and, of course, baby, on the brain.

Angel: You've teamed up Degree for this year’s Grammys prep. What does the brand’s DO MORE philosophy mean to you?

Ciara: Working with Degree Women has been really cool because they’re all about inspiring and encouraging women to work hard and do more of what they love. Being a woman in this industry, entertainment, it requires a lot of hard work, it requires a lot of commitment and dedication. Everyday, you’re faced with new challenges, and I’m always trying to figure out how I can improve and do more. I get to share my experience with women, that are just like me, around the world, to say, “Don’t give up. You can achieve your goals if you keep on working hard. You can achieve your goals if you do more.” And sometimes, it’s really just that simple.

A: Is there any artist, from the past or now, who you wish you could share the stage with?

C: Michael Jackson, of course. He’s the King of Pop. And beyond him being the King of Pop, he’s just amazing. I actually talked to him on the phone one time, and that was a really cool experience. It kills me so much that we never met, but he’s just amazing. The other person is his sister, Janet.

A: What song do you think your fans would be most surprised to find on your iPod? 

C: I don’t know if it’s surprising, but a song called “Home,” by Phillip Phillips. I love that song. I think maybe they’ll be surprised by it, but it’s such a great melodic song!

A: Back to Degree DO MORE; what three things do you wish you had time to do more of?

C: I’ve been working on doing the family grouping, but if I could do more time with my family, I would love to. I also wish I could do more—I want to do more charity. I’ve been able to do a few things, but I want to get even more involved with charity because I love giving back. The next thing I want to do more of… that’s a good question… I don’t know.

A: After the Grammys, you’ll have more time to think about that.

C: Maybe I’m having pregnancy brain!