CK One Shock For Him and Her—Calvin Klein’s Shocking New Scents

We all know the saying—”If it ain't broke, don't fix it.” Since these words of wisdom ring true with almost everything, it's a bit shocking when a fragrance like CK One—the iconic unisex scent that both men and women have loved for years—is reinvented into something entirely different. The new fragrances, CK One Shock for Him and Her, are sexier, edgier takes on the original. Last week, we sat down with Rob Evans, Sky Ferreira, Ian Mellencamp and Herieth Paul—the faces of CK One Shock—and got their perspectives on the power of fragrance and what exactly it is about Shock that earns the duo their names.

What is it about the new fragrances that says “Shock?”
Rob: The fact hat they've taken the original CK One, which is such an iconic brand, and decided to make it a bit more edgy. When something is so good already not everyone wants to mess with it, so that is shocking in itself.
Sky: I think it's something you can wear when you go all out. It smells great and makes you seem like you're really confident. It's light but it's bold and not too heavy – you don't need to overdo it.

What is the perfect occasion to wear this scent?
Harieth: Anytime. It's not too much—it's calm but it's also strong, so you can wear it everyday or out shopping or on a date. It's very unique.
Rob: It's very versatile. You can wear it everyday just to smell good, or you can wear it to a business meeting or out to a club.

What kind of statement does Shock make?

Sky: Sometimes people remember you by how you smell. If you smell really good they always remember that. Shock makes you seem fun. It's young, but appropriate for all ages. I think the thing about CK One in general is that it's for everyone. It's something you can wear all the time and feel confident.
For women, it's a very sweet and sexy smell. If she looks good, if she's dressed nice and if she smells good, it's the whole package. For men it's a manly, musky tobacco smell that will leave the impression that you're masculine. I think that if anyone liked the original CK One, this has taken it up another notch. It's a lot more edgy but it's still that iconic fragrance. For the girls it's a lot more sexy, and the good thing about this one is you don't have to share it.