Could Carine Roitfeld Be Moving Into Fashion Design?


Following her departure from French Vogue, Carine Roitfeld proved that time constraints do not exist for her. In addition to launching her own magazine, CR Fashion Book, she also serves as the global fashion director for Harper's Bazaar, styles campaigns, and is a new grandmother.

She's not stopping there.

While she's involved in many different aspects of the industry, her latest role is helping Roitfeld find her way through a new department of the fashion world: design. In an interesting partnership, she is now the designer for Mercedes Benz. The multi-faceted powerhouse worked with the luxury car company on a new commercial, “Vision Accomplished: Fashion Film Spring/Summer 2014.? Model Sui He struts her stuff in a billowing black dress designed by Roitfeld, which provides the perfect amount of flow for her runway stomp.

As interesting as the video is, the real question to ponder is the reason for Roitfeld's decision to design for Mercedes Benz. As an editor and stylist, there's no question that she has impeccable taste and an eye for style, making her an ideal candidate to move into the world of fashion design. And considering her cult-like following when it comes to her personal style, we imagine there would be more than a few women lining up to purchase Roitfeld fashion creations. So could this be the beginning of a Carine Roitfeld fashion line?