CoverGirl LipPerfection Challenge: The Results!

Two weeks ago I made a promise. I pledged to wear CoverGirl LipPerfection™ 'The Runway Collection' Lipcolor for 14 days straight, over the course of New York and London Fashion Weeks. Wondering how it all turned out? Read on.

The Good: Let me preface with saying this—I have a weird infatuation with my lips. For as long as I can remember, I've applied lip balm every hour on the hour whether I needed it or not, as I absolutely, positively, categorically can NOT have dry chapped lips. Perhaps that's why I resisted lipstick for so long. No matter how hydrating they claimed to be, I always found myself slathering lip gloss on top just to keep my lips from feeling super parched. Until I tried LipPerfection, that is.

Two coats in the morning not only provided a rich wash of long-lasting color, it also felt incredibly creamy and moisturizing. And the colors really popped against my complexion—kudos to the genius Pat McGrath for creating such an amazing shade range.

The Bad: I had to break my 'apply lip balm at least once an hour' routine. After the first day I realized that I could wear LipPerfection alone—no lip balm prep required—it simply isn't needed. Since this lipstick stays put, there wasn't any need for repeated application—I had to find something else to feed my compulsive addiction, so I picked up a hand lotion habit. (Side note: My hands have never been so soft.)

The Ugly: As previously stated, CoverGirl LipPerfection lipstick stays put. Even after I wiped it off with makeup remover and lathered up, depending on the shade I'd chosen to wear that day, a bit still lingered overnight. Though I'm not sure if this actually counts as an ugly, because waking up looking rather gorgeous is a good thing, yes?

All in all, the challenge was quite successful, I'd say, as I'm officially a convert. In fact, I've swiped Embrace on my pout everyday since Friday, even a few hours ago!

Disclosure: Product and compensation were provided from COVERGIRL for this post.