Crate & Barrel’s Little Teapot, Iconic and Artistic

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, Crate & Barrel is diving into the archives to create the “50 & Forever” series. The company's enlisted 12 talented artists for a design task that will come to fruition this December. Armed with the iconic Bauhaus-inspired Arzburg teapot, which is a classic find at Crate & Barrel, the artists were given free reign to let their aesthetic fly. What resulted is a selection of very different, yet all beautiful teapots, each as unique as the next.

Each month, a new teapot will be released, one artist per month. Jeanine Rewell begins the celebration with “Sea Journey,” followed by Lourdes Sanchez (January), Yellena James (February), Shay Ometz & Jeff Barfoot of Bee Things (March), Nomoco (April), Sabine Reinhart (May), Elvis Swift (June), Andrew Bannecker (July), Olaf Hajek (August), Paola Navone (September), Jenny Bowers (October), and Julia Rothman (November).

Each design is a limited edition – only 200 total per artist – so make sure to snag yours quickly!

Available beginning December 1st for $200 at