Craving Inspiration: Introducing The First Cupcake ATM

What do the majority of pregnant women do when they get a craving for something sweet at midnight? They raid the freezer for ice cream or scrounge up a half-eaten candy bar. (Trust us. We been there.)

But when an expecting Candace Nelson got the urge for a late night sugary snack, she racked her brain (instead of the fridge) for a little bit of sweet inspiration. Nelson, the founder of Sprinkles Bakery, was determined to create a 24-hour cupcake ATM.

The first “cupcake automat,” stocked with the most popular Sprinkles flavors, will open in Beverly Hills this Friday. And there are plans to launch more ATMs throughout cities in the United States later this year.

Each cupcake will be packaged in an individual box. And one need never worry about getting a stale cupcake; as designated automat bakers will be making and stocking fresh cupcakes around the clock. Also available for instant purchase: cake mix, apparel, and dog treats.

Whether you’re pregnant (or just plain hungry!), getting a late night fix has never been quite so easy or delicious.