Current Obsession: Pixel Inspired Fashion & Art


Every once in awhile, something comes along that seems to translate beautifully across all channels – fashion, art, technology, you name it. For me, there is nothing better than when beauty and technology collide, and over the past few years I’ve seen it happen in graphic art, most notably pixel art. Even long after discovering it, pixel-inspired art and design has never ceased to impress me. Because tech consumes our lives more than ever, pixels are making their way into the everyday as well. Fashion and art are just two of the ways I’m loving seeing pixels pop up as of late.


Zara Pixellated Print Coat, $149 | ASOS Skater Dress in Pixelated Floral Print, $63

I’m definitely into all the fashion to come of this trend – the above dresses are beautiful, wearable pieces with pixelated prints that make up the larger floral patterns. In this case, anyone who wants to get behind this cool visual experience can rock pixels without disregarding spring prints and fashion rules.

Not bold enough? Fear not – there are countless more prints and patterns to be discovered.

Too Fast Pixel Unicorn Dress, $68 | ModCloth Pixel Worth a Thousand Words Swimsuit Top, $50

Both the unicorn and fruit graphics on this dress and bikini are made up of tiny squares that resemble pixels. Without those pixels and their details, these pieces would be just your average printed articles of clothing. And believe it or not, you can actually take this look beyond clothing – even pixel-inspired hair is making waves as colorists experiment pixelated gradients of color in their styles.


Pixel art by Toyoi from his Tumblr.

I recently highlighted Japanese pixel artist Toyoi in an artist spotlight blog post because of his incredible roster of pixel art that ranges from intricately detailed depictions of ordinary scenes to bright and enchanting portrait-like masterpieces. He shares all his work on tumblr, keeping pixels in one very familiar location: the Internet.

While there are a ton of talented pixel artists who have gained recognition for their eye for detail and visual talents over the years, basically anyone can give pixel inspired art a try. Whether that means something like fashion design, oil painting or creating your very own pixel art online through a platform like Make Pixel Art, it’s definitely a creative outlet that’s worth considering. But beware – you may find yourself lost in a whole new world!

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