Current Obsession: The Power of the Ocean


The forces of nature never cease to amaze. But a lot of the time, we think of the ocean merely in terms of its beauty when we head out for a day at the beach, or of its terror in a storm. More and more I’ve been noticing just how powerful our oceans are, and how salt water can influence our lives in more ways than we think. From beauty to mental health, it’s time to consider the myriad of ways the ocean can inspire. Below I’ve listed just a few of my recent ocean-related obsessions:

1) Skin Care: Ever since ancient times, beauty gurus have touted the benefits of seawater, for its huge concentrations of vitamins and minerals. Many up-and-coming beauty products these days follow those same principals, injecting ocean botanicals or seawater into their ingredient list. These products can do anything from tone and firm to banish blemishes and add a major dose of moisture. Some specific ingredients to look out for are deep sea water (loaded with minerals), marine botanicals (for firming and hydrating), and sea enzymes or algae (to promote skin health and even skin tone).

2) Physical Healing: Seawater has historically been used as a way to heal cuts and wounds (though you should be wary of attempting this yourself, as contaminated water can cause infections). Aside from the water itself, algae, kelp, and sea minerals all provide the same nutrients when consumed as they do when applied topically, such as vitamin B and iodine. It has also been suggested that living by the coast can contribute to better health and wellbeing, which I can totally see – who doesn’t love hanging out by the beach?

3) Calming & Relaxation: Speaking of wellbeing…Not many people would deny that the ocean has calming effects. People listen to the soothing repetition of ocean waves (natural sounds are known to ease you into sleep much better than non-natural sounds, which can disturb) and some believe it has the same calming effects on us as meditation, which I am a huge fan of. Studies in this area are relatively new, but you can’t deny that the ocean benefits us mentally just as much as it does physically.

Hope you find this info interesting. Be sure to let me know if you look into it further!

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