Currently Loving: Incense


As the year has gone on and life doesn’t seem to be slowing down, I’ve been making an active effort to relax and reflect more often. Our lives should be a balance of work and play and when that gets out of whack it can affect our relationships and health. One of the ways I like to unwind most is through meditation – I’ve become consumed with singing bowls and exploring the inner workings of spirituality. I’ve learned that for a perfect meditative experience your environment needs to be distraction-free and for me, aromatic. That’s why this month I’m loving incense.

Not only do I enjoy how these plant-based sticks fill a room with a sweet aroma, but also how many contain essential oils that deliver a calming effect or can aid concentration when lit. Plus, there are various ways to burn them, which means so many cool holders that can be integrated into your room’s decor. Below are some of my favorite ways…

Stick incense with a modern holder

There are plenty of holder styles for your stick incense (which is my preferred way to burn them), but this modern take on the holder by Blakebrough+king is one of my favorites. It’s sleek, minimalistic and modern. Plus, their kit comes with its own Japanese cedar incense, so if that’s a scent you enjoy and you’re not into more traditional holders, it’s a win-win all around!

Incense cone in covered dish

You can burn incense cones or cylinders on a flat dish or other heat resistant surface, but this ball-like covered holder from KeramikosCraft allows the smoke and aroma to enter the room through little holes in the top. It will disguise your incense nicely – the holder looks more like a jewelry box than one with little brown cones burning within. This is the perfect way to burn incense if you have a pet or little kid around who might otherwise try to play with the sticks.

Smudge Stick

Smudge sticks

Similar to incense, these are made from plants – they’re just bound together. Smudge sticks are a quick way to get a blast of aroma in your room without needing cones or a holder. You light the end, wave it around your room, and enjoy. These are nice because they don’t burn down as quickly as some incense sticks and can be hung on your wall for a cool earthy accent.

Photos: KeramikosCraft / Blakebrough+King / Free People
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