Daft Punk Gets Lucky with Karlie Kloss


Daft Punk is getting lucky all over the place! First, they appeared on the Billboard 200 where their new album, Random Access Memories, topped the charts selling 339,000 copies in its first week. Not to mention, Saint Laurent considers them a musical muse. Now, the duo is in midtown New York shooting something with model Karlie Kloss.

Reports vary on what the model and musicians may actually be doing together. Some say it’s the music video for their first single, “Get Lucky,” others say it’s for a Vogue shoot. Daft Punk was wearing their shiny signature gold and silver helmets (headgear?) with matching gloves in suits and ties. Kloss was wearing what looked like a mash up of different designers as well as some majorly teased out hair.

What say you? Vogue spread or music video? Either would be fine with us!