Dating Do’s and Don’ts for a Match Made in Heaven



WE tv's Match Made in Heaven comes with a lesson. Well, a few, actually. The reality dating show, centered on bachelor Shawn Bullard, an African-American real-estate developer and former college athlete in search of his soul mate, provides multiple insights into successful matchmaking. With the help of his spiritual dating adviser, pastor Ken Johnson, and his loving, outspoken mama, Maggie, Shawn surely learned these lessons during his time looking for love…and we can too!

DO listen to your mama
Shawn calls his mother a “great example” of a human being. He loves her tremendously, admires her fully, and knows that few other people know him better than she does. Thus, when Maggie has an opinion—and you'll soon find out that she has many and isn't scared to share them—it's worth listening to. Especially when it comes to her potential daughter-in-law.

DON'T forget about morals
Shawn grew up in the church, singing in the choir, attending Sunday school, and everything in between. Many of his values come from the church's teachings. It's important to find a match who shares those same morals.

DO embrace an open mind and heart
A bad attitude and a narrow perspective will never find anyone love. Shawn starts the show full of positivity, curiosity, and confidence, the perfect combination for an eligible bachelor. “I'm ready for love. I'm ready to see what's out there,” he says.

DON'T get caught up on looks
All 24 of Shawn's female suitors are stunning, but he's on the lookout for a lady who's more than just a pretty face. He is determined to build a deep and spiritual connection with his soul mate, not to just be physical attracted to her.

DO make sure you're ready
Shawn admits that when he was engaged before, he ended up not being able to make the final step and actually walk down the aisle. He says he just wasn't ready. Now, at 32, he's in a different place and ready to settle down with the love of his life and start a family.

DON'T underestimate the power of your pastor
Last but not least, don't forget that with their special connections to the spiritual world, clergy may have insights worth listening to. Pastor Ken Johnson sure has lots of great advice for Shawn.