Day In the Life: Kevin Mancuso, Celebrity Hair Stylist

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Kevin Mancuso, celebrity hair stylist, shares a day in his life prepping clients at his salon and styling a Nexxus social media photo shoot. Here he shares his daily schedule:

8:00 AM

No matter how busy my day is going to be, I always start it off with fresh juice from my Breville Juicer. My morning pick is carrot-apple-lemon-ginger and I also pre-juice a green one (with spinach, ginger and apple) for a mid-day pick-me-up. I still need my caffeine (of course!) and my espresso machine helps jump start my energy. I was up late on the phone with my amazing agent, Helena Vitolins, who lives in Australia and represents me in the Eastern Hemisphere. Prior to my partner Tony Mosca moving to Boston a few months ago, he lived in Sydney, so I developed a great relationship with Helena who helped me meet amazing clients in Australia. The time difference from New York to Sydney is 16 hours which makes it difficult to connect with her, but she’s the best! I try to kick-off each day with an AM workout to help my energy, but today is busy and I was chatting with Helena the night before, so I’ll save that for tomorrow. It’s going to be a full day at my salon today for a Nexxus social media photo shoot.

9:00 AM

I arrive at the salon in uptown Manhattan, where so much more happens than just cutting hair for my clients. This is where my partnership with Nexxus R&D and the marketing teams really come alive – it’s where I test and help develop the Nexxus innovations like the new Hydra-Light and Youth Renewal™ lines. It’s one of my goals to always create amazing products that deliver the results I need to produce beautiful hair. Working in different aspects of the process, from ideation, to creation, to testing, helps me expand my creative process. I compare the salon to a therapist’s office because I like to focus on one client at a time, so they are booked with lots of time between each appointment. This allows me to have plenty of time to connect with my clients individually and provide privacy. One client will never arrive when another one is there.

9:30 AM

Three models for this shoot means a full day and lots of hair to do. I begin prepping their hair with my team, who are always instrumental in making sure the day runs smoothly. We have already planned out the styles for the shoot – beautiful high-style looks that are still wearable and attainable for everyday women.

10:00 AM

The shoot begins. We begin documenting the styling process from washing to styling, to show how every woman can get the looks we are creating today.

12:00 PM

A busy day like this leave no time for lunch, so we all grab a quick bite as we move on to the next look.

1:00 PM

As we continue the shoot, I receive a call from Vanity Fair about an interview request. While Helena represents me in Australia, I choose to represent myself in the USA, so it’s important for me to be self-sufficient. With the Vanity Fair interview scheduled for later in the week, I can get back to styling. Even though there’s always a lot going on, I pride myself on having laser focus on what I need to do.

3:00 PM

It’s about the time of day when I can go for an extra boost of energy, so I rely on my green vegetable drink to take me into the evening.

6:00 PM

Wrap up at the shoot! I ride my Ducati to Eataly for dinner. I love to sit at the counter and have fish, vegetables and sparkling water (I am riding after all).

7:00 PM

The evenings for me are about preparing for the next day. Tomorrow, I have a casting call for the Nexxus Youth Renewal™ print campaign that will be shot next week.

10:30 PM

Once I get home, I send a few emails to the team in the UK and watch some local news and Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue, which is my favorite way to unwind after a day like this.

11:45 PM

Time to go to bed. Remember – I said I would fit in a workout tomorrow!