Day in the Life of Beauty: Nick Irwin, TIGI Global Creative Director

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Glam checked in with London import and Tigi Global Creative Director Nick Irwin as he manages a busy schedule in the midst of the fashion week madness filled with hair tests and upcoming DJ sets as well as a much anticipated Skype call from his family. Here he shares the details of his day below:

8:00 AM

Wake up and Skype with my wife and daughter Ruby in London before I start my day. Seeing them keeps me connected and energized while I’m on the road. I show them the view from my hotel window, which shows quite a bit of snow on the ground from the night before. I’m still feeling the effects of jet lag. It’s taking me longer to get out of bed but, eventually, I take a shower and get dressed.

9:00 AM

Meet my team in the hotel lobby for a quick bite and a coffee. We go over the day’s schedule, look at photos from the hair tests we’ve completed so far, and discuss the look that we’re creating for the next show.

10:30 AM

I have a call with a London-based designer to talk about his inspiration for his upcoming show during London Fashion Week. I like to see what inspires designers while they’re creating a collection. I use the same inspiration combined with my own references to create a fresh, modern concept for the hair. I always want to complement their clothing. Collaboration is key and I always want our hair to be unique, and very TIGI, without overshadowing the clothes.

12:00 PM

I stop by the TIGI Academy in SoHo to check in with some of our team members in the US. We order from my favorite downtown lunch spot – trying to steer clear of carbs to keep my energy up through the day!

1:30 PMI arrive at the Nonoo showroom and meet the designer, Misha Nonoo, for the first time in person. She’s getting ready to film a TV segment about Fashion Week so I give her hair a quick touch up and we discover that I’m from the same town in England as her mother. I’m happy to see she has traditional English cakes on her catering table and I enjoy a JaffaCake (a childhood favorite) before the model arrives for the hair trial.

2:30 PM

The hair model and the makeup team from Bobbi Brown (including the Bobbi Brown) arrive and Misha walks us through the inspiration behind her collection and how she envisions the hair and makeup. We worked as a team to create an undone look that you’d see on the typical New York City girl who is running around the city, busy with work and socializing. I love this look because it’s not a typical “do”—it’s undone and messy but quite chic. The girl Misha is designing for is confident enough in herself and her style that she doesn’t need to go for a blow out everyday.

5:00 PM

The trial wraps up and we return back to the hotel for an early dinner – I’m becoming a bit obsessed with the sushi room service.

7:00 PM

I stop by the new NYC nightclub, Chicane, to check out the DJ booth and equipment prior to the Mara Hoffman after party on Saturday night where I’ll be spinning tracks. Mara has become a good friend of mine and I always look forward to her show and the after party.

11:00 PM

I send a quick email to my wife since it’s the middle of the night in London… I spend a bit of time pulling music for backstage at the show. Music is a big part of my life and it keeps my energy up and drives a positive mood for the team while we’re at the shows. Then I prep for another day of hair tests, inspiration calls, and ultimately, New York Fashion Week before falling victim to jetlag.