Day in the Life: Shannon Gallogly, National Training Manager at Decleor USA

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Glam caught up with Decléor's National Training Manager, Shannon Gallogly, as she hit the road to train the freshest batch of skincare savants and treat a few to a little pampering. Here, she shares her schedule and her love for her puppy, Bella:


Rise and shine! Woke up to Bella my 2 year-old beautiful Beagle licking my face for her daily walk…when I am home that is. This morning I happened to be. I threw on sneakers and clothes and took the long walk because Bella wants to. Coffee is on!


Opened the computer and went through all my emails from last night and this morning. Snacked on banana and bagel with Nutella; I’m addicted! Then I prepped my bags for the three-day journey of the week.


Took a quick shower and started my beauty routine that sets me up for the success of what the day will bring; my mom has always said, “Shannon, you might not feel your best however never let them see that put your best face forward.” I love hot rollers! Set my head and then moved onto the face! Decléor Aromessence serums they are a must and have been for the last 10 years for me. My go-to primer before all the other stuff! It has set me emotionally and physically into a good place with the amazing Aromatherapy benefits that come from the moment I open the bottle. I followed next with a new product to my line up! The Aroma White C+ Anti- Dark Circle Multi- Brightening Eye Care is essential when you are taking plans, trains, etc. I then headed to the Aroma White C + Intense Translucency Fluid, which gives me the radiance and illumination I need to start the day. Today I wanted a lighter fresher look so I choose the new Hydra Floral BB Cream 24-Hour Moisture Activator. I love BB creams; they give me everything! If I want to layer I just go to a powder over it poof flawless. Finally, brows, blush, eyes, lips let’s go!


Made a few calls to my freelance team, reviewed the upcoming training schedule and agenda. Ordered the materials from the head office.


Finished up in my home office! Grabbed my snack bag and water, travel mug, and headed to the car on a gorgeous sunny day! Sunroof was open today!


Rhode Island to Cape Cod MA for a face and body demo for a potential client. Two hours in the car listening to my Sirius XM radio, can’t live without it.


Grabbed lunch quick form my bag and refueled up before I go in and work my magic!


Met with the owner Vera of the Bellezza Day Spa and Salon in Falmouth, MA.


Set up the products and bed to perform two of our services from our treatment menu- first the Silhouette Aroma- Body Wrap followed by our Aroma Expert- Soothing facial.


My beautiful model Erin got onto the bed and was so excited to have a treatment to ease her body and mind back into working out and going to the gym.


One treatment down, one more to go. Erin commented on how amazing her body feels, “Smooth, refreshed and my pants even feel looser.”


Now for the facial portion with our second model Jody, who has very red and dehydrated skin. I chose Aromessence Rose & Balm to create a layer of softness and protection, then the Aroma Expert Sooth mask.


Treatment completed and clean up begun, I spoke with the owner about the offering and timeline.


Packed up the car and headed to my next destination- Stamford, CT.


Met my Monkey for dinner at Texas Roadhouse - Kissed and got back into the car.

9:00 PM

Arrived at the hotel to check into my room.


Checked e-mails and slipped into my comfy clothes -- now to the most important my nighttime ritual of prepping my skin! Started with my Aroma White C+ Cleansing Oil- it melts the stresses of the day right down the skin leaving me supple and clean. Next I applied my Aroma White C+ Anti- Dark Circle Multi- Brightening Eye Care Wait for it the Balm is next - Aroma Night Neroli Essential Balm – I warmed it up in my hands and bath my skin in its protection and comfort. I loved that it has treatment and protection all wrapped into one.


Texted my loves good night – [it ’s always] laters, never goodbye. Off to slumber I go and onto the next chapter in my journey.