Day in the Life: Thomas Osborn, US Creative Director for TIGI

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Thomas Osborn has spent a good part of his over 20 years in the beauty business sharing his insights with the newest crop of chic stylists and helping them to sharpen their skills to make their mark in the industry. But that doesn't he isn't in touch with the latest trends; in fact, as part of the TIGI global creative team, he's not only recognized but also created many of the tress trends we experiment with after the Fashion Week tents come down. Glam caught up with the mane maestro as he developed the colorful coif that hit the Libertine runway all before making it home in time to hang out with his wife and son:

5:00 AM:

Wake up and work out. I'm not a morning person by choice, I'm much more of a night owl but I've trained myself over the years to get up early even when I'm up late. These days, if I don't get up and work out before the house is awake, it doesn't happen. So, I get up at 5:00am, have my morning espresso and wake up a bit, check my emails from the UK (their day is well under way so I always have a few to sort through) and, of course, check the Instagram feed. By then I feel more alive, so I’ll get my workout in.

7:00 AM:

After my workout, I take our 2 rat terriers, Rocket and GoGo, out for a walk and come back to have breakfast with my wife and our 2 1/2 year old son, he's the best part of every morning! My son loves waffles, so we’ll make some for him, steal a few bites, then it's a quick shower, get dressed and off to the TIGI Academy in SoHo.


9:00 AM:

A lot of the TIGI team is based in London so we need to schedule meetings fairly early to account for the time difference. We’re getting ready to set out on a tour at the end of the month in San Francisco, so we’re in the midst of ironing out all of the details.

11:00 AM:

Since it’s Fashion Week, we have stylists coming in from across the country so its great to see some of my friends that I haven't seen since September. We have to prepare more than 50 braids using hair extensions for the Mara Hoffman show on Saturday so that’s what we’ll be doing throughout the day.

1:00 PM:

We also need to prepare a mood board with a few images of the look from the hair test to go over with the team. The idea is to give them as much insight as we can, then it's all about the execution. I also like to make sure our playlist is all set – it helps to keep the energy up backstage.

3:00 PM:

To prepare for a hair test with Libertine this evening, we basically work on a few different variations of what we had spoken about with the designer during our initial “inspiration call” earlier in the month. We take the inspiration and work it out a few different ways so that when we turn up for the test, we've got a couple of different ideas on where we can take it depending on what the designer thinks. After all, this about bringing the designer’s vision to life and the hair can't overpower the clothes. The whole look has got to work with what's going on in the collection, but ultimately, it's got to be about the clothes.


5:00 PM:

We head over to the Loews Hotel in Midtown to meet Johnson (the designer for Libertine) for the hair test. He takes us through the collection and the model is already done with makeup and nails so it’s up to us to finish the look.

7:00 PM:

After a few variations of the look, we settle on a soft, undone, “cool” look. To make it special, we paint the part with neon pink MAC pigment, which ties the vibrant clothes together with the casual hair. We’re really excited about this one and know it’s going to be an awesome show.


8:00 PM:

Return home in time to put my son to sleep. The goal at the end of every day is to get home with enough time to hang out with my son. Love it when we can eat dinner together but if not, at least mess around for a bit, read him a story or two, sing him a song and then he's off to bed and my wife and I have dinner and chill out (whether we're just hanging out and talking, listening to music or watching a movie). It doesn't matter what kind of a day I've had, the moment I walk through the door and see those faces, it's all good.

11:00 PM:

It's funny, most days end the same way they start, responding to emails and then looking through my Instagram feed half asleep until I pass out.