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Day in the Life: Yen Reis, Founder of Skin Laundry

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Yen Reis, like the rest of us, feared lasers getting anywhere near her face, but all of that changed after the birth of her third child. She developed hormonal acne and searched for solutions with lasers, peels, and more before discovering the benefits of a gentler treatment using a YAG laser (yttrium-aluminum-garnet). She found that with regular treatments, she could keep the blemishes at bay and skip makeup entirely. Skin Laundry was born after combining that technology with an IPL light to clean deep and smooth pores for a flawless finish in just 10 minutes! Glam caught up with the fearless founder as she wrangles her little ones for school while plotting out the next big launch for her budding beauty empire:

6:30 a.m.:

It's dark outside...time to wake up boys for breakfast and school. I must have coffee whilst I scan emails and text messages.

7:00 a.m.:

Chaos! Uniform, lunch boxes, bags, homework, brush teeth, shoes!

7:30 a.m.:

In the car, driving the boys to school. Good chance to have a little family conversation about school and after school activities.

8:00 a.m.:

I rush into Hot8 Yoga for the hot barre class.

9:00 a.m.:

Feeling sweaty but great. I shower and dress for the day.

9:15 a.m.:

Check in at Skin Laundry on Montana to say hi to the staff and sneak in a SL treatment.

10:00 a.m.:

At the corporate office. Meetings start with our whole corporate team, where we share updates of anything and everything that is involved in Skin Laundry. Today we are excited that our gentle cleanser and oil cleanser were voted best cleansers on! We discuss operations, marketing, PR, products, distribution, budgets, staffing, current roll out plans...etc.

12:30 p.m.

Lunch Break. Swing down to Sawtelle and grab some ramen. Yum.

1:00 p.m.

Back to more focused meetings. Today, we discuss the launch of our new facial wipes and finalize both online and in-store marketing strategy.

2:30 p.m.:

Run to school to pick up boys, carpool, and get on conference calls in car.

3:00 p.m.:

Happy to see my boys =)

3:30 p.m.

Drive home, where the boys have a snack. I jump on my laptop and catch up on some emails.

5:30 p.m.:

Sit down with boys while they have dinner, and then it's homework time. This is always fun and one of my favorites parts of the day as I get to work between my two youngest boys. One to my left and one to my right.

7:00 p.m.:

Dinner with my husband. We spend this time to catch up, eat and enjoy a nice, big glass of wine!

8:00 p.m.:

Boys bathe, read a story, and go to bed.

8:30 p.m.

Peace and quiet. Curl up on couch with my hubby and check my email one last time before bed. I also try to plan my to-do list for the next day so I can stay organized and on task.

10:00 p.m.:

Time for bed. I need at least 8 hours of sleep!