Dermablend Wants You to Take It Off


We all have flaws that we're self-conscious about and do our best to camouflage them. But Dermablend wants you to share your story by sharing a few extraordinary ones of their own.

Following up on the viral sensation the complexion company created by recruiting Rico the Zombie, the brand tapped Cheri and Cassandra as the next additions to its Camo Confession series. Cassandra wiped away the Dermablend’s collection of foundations, concealers, and setting powders to reveal her severe acne. The model confessed that she struggled with self-confidence because of comments from bullies and even more heart breaking, her family. “School was really hard for me; I got acne in the third grade, and it progressively got worse,” she explained in the clip. “It wasn’t until I found makeup and cosmetics and a passion within myself that I found purpose to my own life. I want everyone to feel confident and amazing and beautiful as who they are.”

Cheri wiped away her makeup to reveal pale skin associated with Vitiligo and how she handled the news of having the skin pigment disorder. “When I first got Vitiligo, I had to ask myself a couple of questions…can I live with is and still be successful? Hell yes,” she declared in her clip. “I chose to find an alternative, something I could put on my face that could help people look through intial shock of ‘Ok, half of her face is white, but she’s a black girl.’ Don’t hide; there’s something wrong with everybody, no one is 100 percent perfect.”

The call to action to reveal what makes you stand out garnered loads of submissions from beauty buffs and Youtubers alike already, as the brand will donate a dollar for every confessions to Look Good, Feel Better, an organization that works to improve the self-esteem of cancer patients with appearance-related side effects.

Do you have something to confess? Now’s the time to reveal the true you!

Haven't seen the clips yet? Check them out below: