Design Your Own “Domaine” With Nicole Richie’s Guide To Entertaining


It'll surprise you to find out that Nicole Richie hates the word bohemian. She said it herself, and then went on to describe the “relaxed and eclectic” vibe that she's infused into her newly updated backyard space. This information, and more, is highlighted on Domain, the online magazine geared towards home decor and inspiration for new design projects. The website’s feature centers on Richie’s version of a Girls’ Night Out, which takes place in her “vintage-meets-industrial Moroccan-tinged outdoor area.” Domaine provides information about Richie’s color palette and accessories in a shopable format. You can even find the recipes, created by chef Jeffrey Nimer, that were featured at Richie’s gathering. The space embodies casual sophistication – a place with Richie and her friends can relax and enjoy an evening. “My house has that summer look and feel all year round—luckily for me I live in LA and can get away with it,” she says. To be fully inspired by Richie’s style and easy-going spirit, check out Nicole Richie’s full entertaining guide at