Diane von Furstenberg’s Oscar Pick: Waste Land

They say one man's trash is another man's treasure and no movie better captures the essence of turning garbage into objects of perfection better than Waste Land. Last Tuesday night we had the opportunity to take a break from our fashion week activities to catch a screening of the Oscar nominated documentary at the Crosby Street Hotel. The film captures famed Brazilian artist Vik Muniz as he embarks on a journey back to his native Rio de Janeiro to create a project in the city's massive garbage dump. By taking portraits of some incredible characters and then using materials found in the dump and having the workers themselves create a mixed medium masterpiece, Muniz changed the lives of thousands of people. .

Diane von Furstenberg and Morgan Spurlock hosted the screening and lauded it's director Lucy Walker. “You know I had a ski accident and I haven't been going out much, but I had to be here to introduce this incredible film,” said Von Furstenberg, who had seen Waste Land multiple times. ” You know I don't cry during movies, but I laughed and I cried a alot at this one.” We imagine Walker, for her part, will be wearing a DVF gown when she heads to the Oscars next Sunday night. And after seeing this film, which captures the triumph of the human spirit, we're hoping this best documentary nominee takes it home!