Dior and J. Law Are At It Again, and “It” Rocks


She’s known as the approachable, relatable girl-next-door type of actress but Jennifer Lawrence has made it clear time and time again that, well, she’s way more fabulous than that. In the most recent edition of Dior Magazine, the fashion house’s bi-annual publication, J. Law stuns in a magnificently masculine series of photos that feature Dior's tailored suits and menswear-inspired pieces.

Shot by Mikael Jansson, the blue-eyed blonde is transformed into an edgy, too-cool-for-school androgynous version of the J. Law we know and love … infused with a hint of Tilda Swinton. We’d appreciate it if someone could teach us how to pull of an eyebrow-raise like she can, and we’d be endlessly grateful for the opportunity to wear that jacket. Just for a minute? Please?

The minimal makeup look and tousled hair hits it home for us — she's radiant without all that jazz, even in black and white. Certainly, these photos give us even more reason to believe that the union between the chic and sophisticated Lawrence and the epitome of elegance that is Dior was a match made in fashion heaven. It’s also the only pairing that could ever make lounging on a sofa look so damn fierce.