Dolce and Gabbana Give Victoria Beckham a Backhanded Compliment


Friends? Or frenemies? The line has been blurred! Domenico Dolce, Stefano Gabbana, and Victoria Beckhamhave long been seen as a chummy and supportive threesome in the fashion circle, but recent reports suggest otherwise.

According to Glamour Magazine UK online, the Italian design duo threw shade at the former Spice Girl turned catwalk contender at the Glamour Of Italian Fashion 1945-2014 event at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. When asked about their gal-pal's recent runway success, Gabbana responded, “She's a friend. She make a good job but for us, she don't make the same way like a fashion designer.” He continued, “She's a fashion designer but it's another…it's different. John Galliano is a designer…Alexander McQueen.” As if that wasn't enough, Dolce went on, categorizing the high-end Victoria Beckham brand with mass market retailers. “Victoria Beckham, Zara, H&M…there's a lot,” he chimed in.

While it's true that Beckham has only been at this game for a handful of years, her creations have been met with positive reviews, her A-list clientele constantly growing. Perhaps Dolce and Gabbana simply meant that their talented friend has yet to reach the same level of designer credentials and credibility as some of the artists that have been in the industry their whole lives. We hope that's what they meant, because regarding Beckham's title as 'designer,' we'd say she is more than deserving.