Domino Magazine Reloaded


Domino’s back! Domino’s back!

When the young, stylish, yet attainable home décor glossy folded in 2009, it left a void in both the print and the design world. Now Domino is back and better than ever, charting unmarked territory with its third iteration.

What’s so different this go round?

Domino 3.0 will have a print component on newsstands quarterly with an e-commerce site, a platform loaded with the magazine’s archives, and new content that will be “shoppable,” the New York Times reports. Readers, bloggers, and designers will be invited to post. “We see ourselves as providing top-down editorial content and facilitating influencer content from the blogger and design communities, and ultimately being able to activate user-generated social content that also can be shoppable,” Andrew Appelbaum, a founder of Domino Media said of the partnership with Condè Nast.

We for one, are excited. Welcome back, Domino. We missed you!