Downtown Decor at Macy’s Courtesy of the Novogratz


Though it might cost a pretty penny to get your hands on a Robert and Cortney Novogratz-designed apartment, you’re not at a total loss. The husband and wife design duo – known collectively as The Novogratz – has partnered with Macy’s to bring that funky yet sophisticated Novogratz aesthetic to the space you call home (which just might not happen to be a multi-million dollar townhouse). 

The Novogratz Dinnerware Collection stays true to the pair’s distinctive designs; it mixes elements of modern and vintage styles for a fashion-forward pattern featuring robust shapes, plenty of color and bold graphics. Known for their current HGTV design show called “Home by Novogratz,” the parents of seven began their career by renovating run-down New York City properties. Their use of high/low pieces and attention to detail makes their projects (5 Centre Market Place in Soho is a notable one) unique, covetable and downright expensive.

While the magical Novogratz touch usually comes with a hefty price tag, you can get the Novogratz Dinnerware Collection, which includes plates, bowls, mugs, serving trays and canisters, for $9.00-$29.00. The playful, eccentric collection certainly plays into the design team’s mantra, “Like life, design should be fun and does not have to be perfect.” The collaboration also proves that you don’t need to be a millionaire to capture that unique Novogratz touch in your own home.