Easy, Breezy, Beautiful – My 15 Minute Everyday Glam Look


True story — I am quite the dawdler. I tend to dilly-dally and lollygag. I take my time doing everything, even if it's something tends to be time sensitive. I tell myself it's because I am a perfectionist, but I know the truth is that I am a procrastinator. I’m someone who just takes their sweet long time getting things done the right way. I'm trying to do better, I promise.

In an effort to get things done with a little bit more alacrity, I play little games with myself. When I'm walking down the street and going too slowly, I use something that I refer to in my mind as the “invisible rail” to pull me along faster. So if you see me walking down State Street with my arms pumping, know that the invisible rail is in action and you should get out of the direct path. Another technique that I use to get myself to walk faster is 2-steps-1-block, where I play a game going all the way down the street where I have to use only two steps to take up each literal block of concrete ahead of me. Makes things go by so much faster if you're in a hurry! And yes, I am a child at heart in all things.

I play similar games with myself when it comes to getting ready to go somewhere. Take for example, make up. I love putting on makeup and when I am in the mood it can take me forever to perfect the look. After feeling bad enough times that I made my husband sit and wait for an hour before we could leave the apartment to go to brunch, I came up with this look. I call it the amazing 15 minute face. The intention is to pull off a complete make up look in five easy steps. Each step should take three minutes long, tops. This isn’t so much a game anymore, as a way of everyday life for me. Allow me to share it with you.

This is my 15 minute everyday glam look. 5 easy steps, each step is 3 minutes long. Let’s go!

#1 – Base Your Face – I start with moisturizer + SPF, then add primer, then I determine my next product based on my coverage needs. On a full coverage day I reach for foundation and my foundation brush. On a light coverage day, I’ll use a tinted moisturizer, or a BB or CC cream and blend, blend, blend with my fingers. And the last step here for me, is powder. Gotta use my powder brush and set it off right.

#2 – Blush and Bronzer – this is where blush and bronzer palettes come in handy – one swoop of the brush can set me straight when I’m in a hurry! I usually make this face when applying blush or shimmery bronzer to my cheekbones – sexy, no?

For less shimmery bronzers, I apply using the number-3 technique I first learned from Sam Fine. I start on the forehead, then swoop down to the cheeks, then down to the chin in the shape of the number 3. So easy once you get it down!

#3 – Three Minute Eyes – I know. The sound of just 3 minutes to focus on your eyes sounds kinda crazy, but it can be done. For me it begins with a good eye primer, just to make sure whatever I apply doesn’t slip and slide throughout the day. For 3 minute eyes, obviously you don’t have time for a whole eyeshadow application. My everyday glam go-to look is a quick and easy cat’s eye, involving winged liner on the lashline. For this post I reached for COVERGIRL’s latest, Ink It Eyeliner – such a delightfully glidey gel pencil! I’ve been toning my look down for daytime so here I’m using Ink It Eyeliner in Cocoa Ink. For evening, I’ll typically reach for black or something bold and unexpected (like Aquamarine ink, for example). And you complete the look with mascara – here I’m using COVERGIRL’s latest, FLAMED OUT MASCARA which has a funky brush that gives your lashes a full, soft, winged effect – max volume, but perfect for everyday wear. I’m into it!

#4 – Line and Define Those Lips. Some magazines may say things like “less defined lips are in right now” and steer folks away from liner. Not me. I know what works for my face and my lips need a touch of liner to give them shape and definition. My favorite thing to do is use lip liner to line my lips, shade the inside a little and then fill with a lipstick or gloss. Here I’m using COVERGIRL’s new Lipslick Smoochies. This color is called 2 Cute. Appropriate!

#5 – One Last Powder. The last step of my 15 minute face is powder AGAIN because a woman gets shiny. My t-zone is forever acting up, so this is where I apply a dusting of mattifying powder before heading out the door.

Et voila!

That’s my easy, breezy, beautiful 15 minute every day look. YES it took me some practice to get this down to 15 minutes, but trust me if I can get my routine down from an hour to THIS? It’s amazing! And if I can do it, so can you.

This post was sponsored by Glam and COVERGIRL but all of these opinions and looks? That’s all me!