Editor’s Anti-Acne Obsession: The Magic Behind Murad


Sometimes, bad things happen to good people … like pesky pimples. The inevitability of blemishes is something most of us have come to accept, but that doesn’t mean we have to submit to them. Using the appropriate products to ward off future invasions of inflammation as well as to combat current acne attacks is the key to maintaining clear, smooth skin. Lucky for us, we’ve found our knight in shining armor.

Meet Murad® Acne Clearing Solution. Its weaponry consists of a combination of tea-tree oil to disinfect and dry-out pimples, .5 percent salicylic acid and Queen of Meadow Extract to fight acne and powerfully prevent against future blemishes, and a vitamin blend that soothes, heals, and offers antioxidant protection against breakouts to come. Scientifically proven to clear current breakouts and help prevent new ones from forming, Murad gets the job done, both efficiently and without irritation. Believe in magic yet?