Editor’s Pick: Adidas Pure Boost Running Shoe


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Operation #SexyBySummer is in full effect. With my workouts kicking into overdrive and my fitness agenda rivaling that of an Olympic athlete (at least, in my head), I don’t have time for anything that’s going to weigh me down. Enter Adidas’ Pure Boost running shoe.

Everyone knows that just strength training and flexibility routines aren’t enough to reach your peak. Infusing your gym routines with cardio is key—burn, baby burn. At 6.3 ounces (I did my research), the Pure Boost boasts breathable fabric, hidden cushioning for arch support, and four-way stretch that moves with me. Though it’s made for running, I find that the design is malleable enough to carry me through weekly Beyoncé—inspired dance classes (yep, I’m obsessed) and a little CityRow. Pick your poison. I even toss my cross training shoes to the side when a standard gym session comes up. They’re that comfortable.

The sleek style is offered in four different colorways for women (there’s a men’s version, too), with pink-on-pink being the natural option for a Glam girl like myself. What’s equally as appealing is that I don’t have to worry about looking like the ultimate gymrat with a bulky pair of performance-enhancing, power-packing shoes. This minimalistic design melds extreme comfort with a simple design that I wouldn’t be ashamed to slip into when weekend errands call. However I amp up the intensity, I’ll make sure to stay afloat with this lightweight, stylish sneaker.-Angel Lenise

Adidas.com, $120