Editor’s Pick: Ashley B Convertible Fur-Vest Wool Coat


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Oh, convertible Ashley B coat. The things I can do to you. Keep your layers intact: wool coat, under removable leather lapel, under detachable fur vest. Mix it up: layer the fur over another jacket, and don the wool coat solo for a minimal appeal. Or, when I feel like being sassy, zip up the leather collar as evidence that when it comes to fall dressing, there are levels—layers—to this. The possibilities go on, and on, and on.

Admittedly, I am a summer baby, and I prefer the sun’s scorching rays to fall’s wind chill any day. Still, as soon as late September, I’m able to experiment and express my true sense of style my mixing texture and textiles in one ensemble. This Ashley B coat makes that mission as easy as 1, 2, 3.

True to its name, the Ashley B Convertible Fur-Vest Wool Coat can be worn in a myriad of ways (refer to paragraph one). Its craftsmanship is superb, but, unlike wearing a full fur coat or bulkier fur vest, this version is attainable on a day-to-day basis; there’s no one woman I could not see wearing it.

It also helps that Ashley B is an authority in outerwear; unlike other fashion houses, coats aren’t an afterthought here. They are the specialty, and each piece, from parka to peacoat, is truly luxurious, truly modern, and truly adaptable. And, for those concerned about the price point, consider this buy a 3-for-1. Think of how many times you’ll wear it for cold-weather seasons to come–I’ve personally worn the fur vest everyday since it’s arrived..

They say dressing for fall is the best. If this Ashley B beauty doesn’t make you believe so, then there’s little sartorial hope for you.

Ashley B Convertible Fur-Vest Wool Coat, on sale for $1,396.50