Editor’s Pick: DANNIJO Belinda Earrings


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Ever since Dior debuted those amazing double-sided pearl earrings (you know the ones…), I’ve became mildly obsessed with the trend. Spikes, pearls, crystals, cuffs, mis-matched emojis, chains—I shopped them all. As a strictly stud-sporting girl, I decided that this was my moment to branch out, and the oversized double-sided Dior look was just what I was after. The objective: an earring that didn't stray too far from something classic, but had the potential to give an outfit a totally different vibe. Of course, as much as I wished Dior were within my budget, I quickly realized I’d have to seek out other options to enhance my earring game.

I’m not much of a fussy jewelry-wearer (I like my basics), so I was in search of a pair simple enough for my taste, but edgy enough to capture the trend that I was after. Cut to: my discovery of these beauties on DANNIJO.com. I mean, they are just. so. cool. The ordering process commenced quickly, and now that the earrings are officially in my possession, I can’t wait to make these DANNIJO statement pieces something of a staple. Business in the front, party in the back has never been truer, now that these Belinda babies have found a home in my jewelry box. They might conjure the same catchphrase that comes along with the infamous ‘80s mullet, but, as you can see, they’re way cuter. –Lauren Kaplan

DANNIJO Belinda Earrings, $148