Editor’s Pick: Ryan Porter’s Custom Arm Party


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We all need daily reminders. Positive messages and personal memos that keep us moving forward. One that can keep my arm party going, well, that’s a plus.

After stumbling upon Ryan Porter’s customizable bracelets, I knew I’d struck gold. Their designs update the beaded wonders of grammar school into wears that truly bear your signature. Each piece can be one-of-a-kind: you choose the band, pendants (if any), and, most importantly, the mantra. Sure, there are ready-to-wear pieces of beaded jewelry available to buy, but in a world where standing out is “in,” your personal touch is preferred.

My own gold-filled Ryan Porter bracelet reads OPTIMA, or the best, also known as my “Be like Bey” philosophy. Because she’s the best. And that’s the goal over here… but I digress.

Above all, my Ryan Porter creation is delicate enough to join my daily bling wears. The older I’ve grown, the more “less is more” rings true. Timeless studs and simple hoops trump dangly earrings, precious metal midi rings beat cocktail ones, and I’d stack several delicate chains over an over exaggerated bib any day. So when it comes to my bracelet bling, glamming it yourself might be your best bet. — Angel Lenise

Ryan Porter Gold-Filled Chain, available for $52 at ShopRyanPorter.com