Editor’s Pick: Triangl Swimwear


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Swimsuit shopping–are there any two words that evoke as much dread in the minds of women everywhere? Finding a suit for summer usually takes more effort than a quick trip to the local mall. My requirements were as followed: chic and stylish, but comfortable and practical as well. I wanted a bikini that I would feel confident in in regards to both the fit and the fashion statement it makes.

I follow fashion blogger Danielle Berstein of We Wore Whaton Instagram and have long admired her sense of style. When she posted a photo of her new bikinis from Triangl Swimwear on her account about a month and a half ago, I had two immediate thoughts: 1. I must find where to find this brand and 2. Please let these beautiful bathing suits be in my price range.

A quick Google search revealed that Triangl Swimwear is an Australian based company with international delivery, making neoprene and mesh bikinis and underwear sets. In the swimwear department, they offered a multitude of styles and colors, including bustier, bandeau, and triangle tops, string or brief bottoms, and hues ranging from black to neon orange to brown and black leopard spots. I opted for the Chloe Neoprene Bikini in New York Noir to start. I loved the leather look of this particular style, and hoped it would look as edgy in person. Sure enough, the bikini nailed it. The size I chose based off the Triangl Swimwear site's measurement chart was spot on, the neoprene material was expensive looking, and the suit was thick and well made. Miley Cyrus is even a fan, having recently shared a photo of herself in Triangl's Penny Wanderlust bikini top on her own Instagram account. True story: I just ordered a light green version of the Chloe called Miami Mint. As we fashion followers say, if the shoe fits, buy it in every color! – Katherine Fotinos

Chloe Neoprene Bikini in Jet Black by Triangl Swimwear, $79

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