Endless Summer: Introducing Eco-Friendly Swimwear by Faherty Brand


There's just something about the sun, sand, and surf that gets under your skin. Anyone who's spent the summer months languishing on a beach knows this, but twin brothers Mike and Alex Faherty have found a way to meld passion and business.

As children, the brothers grew up surfing in New Jersey, but after college graduation they headed into Manhattan to work at Ralph Lauren and in finance. After time spent in the corporate world, the brothers began working on a line of swimsuits called Faherty Brand, aiming to mix sustainability, family production, and design. They have their hands in every aspect of the company—manufacturing and designing hardware—while remaning socially responsible. They use recycled polyester from plastic bottles to create their swimsuits, using an average of 7 bottles for each piece.

The collection takes a definitive spin from the popular surfing attraction, focusing on water as opposed to the sport. While the boys originally found their love for swimsuits through their own summers spent surfing, their designs aim to dress a range of individuals heading to the shore: SCUBA divers, sailors, and paddle boarders. While the collection includes typical cuts, Faherty Brand features convertible pieces including adjustable straps and a hipster bottom that can be altered for desired coverage.


This summer, Mike and Alex will go on the road, traveling around the United States in a beach house to show off their line. Faherty Brand is currently available on their website, ranging in price from $85-$185.