Essie Redefines Glam on the Go With Vending Machines



From sodas and snacks–even cupcakes–to electronics and makeup, there’s a vending for nearly everything! But Essie is giving the idea a fresh coat with its first digital kiosk.

Designed for the glam globetrotter or the mani maven on the go, the kiosk offers an easy interface to choose their favorite of 48 shades or go bold with one of eight curated nail art looks complete with a link to a tutorial. The vending machine has popped up at Oakland International and JFK airports, and more are slated to show up in major airports and premiere malls throughout the U.S. “The Essie color boutique reinvents ‘grab and go’ in a way that offers consumers of-the-moment nail colors,” said Lauren Consiglio, VP marketing for Essie. “Now she can get her nail look ‘how-to’ and purchase the corresponding shades in an unexpected location.”

This new idea is just ready for lift off but is sure to skyrocket!