Exclusive Q&A: Jessica Szohr Partners with Dove Go Sleeveless

A deodorant that makes your underarms softer and smoother in just 5 days? Sign us up!

Dove Ultimate, Dove's newest offering, does just that. To celebrate, they've partnered with gorgeous Gossip Girl actress Jessica Szohr to encourage girls to throw caution to the wind and go sleeveless this season through the Dove Go Sleeveless Campaign contest. Read on to learn more about the initiative, and be sure to visitDoveGoSleeveless.comto enter!

1. Why do you think so many women feel weird about their underarms?
Whether you wax or shave, your underarms are a sensitive skin area that isn’t exposed often. This makes women feel shy about revealing them. I’m happy to be working with Dove go sleeveless deodorant to help women feel more confident wearing sleeveless fashions, where underarms are more exposed.

2. How important is moisture to underarm skin?
Moisture is extremely important! Underarms are skin and like everywhere else on your body, they need to be cared for and moisturized. That’s why I love Dove go sleeveless Deodorant. It keeps my underarms soft and moisturized.

3. What are some of the things women try to cover up when it comes to their underarms?
Many women deal with dry skin or irritation on a regular basis, which can be embarrassing to expose. The Dove Uncovering Underarms study showed that almost all women feel their underarms are unattractive and this affects many of their daily wardrobe choices. Thanks to Dove go sleeveless deodorant women can now go sleeveless with softer, smoother underarms in just 5 days!

4. Are you submitting a design for the Fashion Challenge?
Absolutely! I’m not able to enter for the contest, but it was really exciting designing my own top! You can see my sleeveless design on the front page ofDoveGoSleeveless.com. Check out some of the creative designs women everywhere have been submitting in the design gallery. I’m also really excited to pick our Dove go sleeveless Fashion Challenge winner from the designs entered! I can’t wait to take the winner shopping in New York City with me.

5. What types of tops do you feel flatter the arms in the spring?
I'm a big fan of halter tops and super flowy tanks. I love fashion, but it’s also important for me to be comfortable in what I wear. That’s why I call my personal style- tomboy, bohemian chic.

6. Which is your favorite Dove deodorant scent?
I love and wear the Dove Ultimate go sleeveless deodorant in the Pearl Finish fragrance. It’s a light and flowery fragrance.

7. What's the one beauty product you can't leave home without?
I can’t leave home without my bronzer! I always feel better when I have some color on my face and body.

8. What outfit makes you feel red-carpet ready no matter where you are?
I own this short, beaded silver dress from Marchesa. Whenever I put it on, I feel very confident and sexy.

9. What do you think will be the biggest accessory for the spring?
I am a huge fan of Trilby hats and will be wearing them throughout spring and summer.

10. Where's the first place you want to hit up with the winner of the Fashion Challenge?
We’re going to be going to Big Drop—a fashion boutique on New York City’s Upper East Side! They always have a great selection of hot, of-the-moment designers on hand. I’m sure the winner will have tons of great sleeveless looks to choose from.