Fabulous First Ladies at the 2010 Women’s Conference

At the crack of dawn over 14,000 women lined up outside of the Long Beach Convention Center with only one goal in mind– the chance to see Michelle Obama in person. The First Lady took to the stage at The Women's Conference 2010 where she was introduced by her close friend and the First Lady of California,┬áMaria Shriver. This was not Obama's first time in attendance; she appeared alongside three other candidates' wives during the election campaign in 2007. “The conference gave us the chance to step back and to breathe and actually have a conversation,” she said. But now that the White House is her home Obama has other things on her mind like the need to speak up on behalf of military spouses. “Supporting them is our solemn obligation as a grateful nation,” she said before urging the crowd to find ways to get involved at serve.gov.