Fabulous Ideas for Your Fourth of July Fete

Take a deep breath … That’s the undeniably delicious smell of barbecue. You’ve got your burgers, hotdogs, steaks, and sides, and you’re ready to get grilling. It’s the Fourth of July – a time to celebrate summer (and, you know, our country!), with friends, family, and food.

Want to take your alfresco fete to the next level? Try these tips for a fabulous time.

Serve a Signature Cocktail
We just love, love, love the Bacardi Hand-Shaken Daiquiri. The ready-to-serve cocktail is cold and convenient! Just grab a glass, fill it with ice, and pour it on. It’s so easy and so good. Drink responsibly.

Get Red, White, and Blue Glasses
While your drink is delicious, it originates from Cuba! (which is not so all-American.) So serve the refreshing drink in cool, retro-esque red, white, and blue glasses. And instead of handing out tropical umbrellas, spike a piece of floating fruit with an American flag toothpick.

Customize Your Cocktail
This cocktail is so easy to make (slash, pour!), you (or your guests) can customize it with a few delish additions. Add fresh fruit (like strawberries or pineapple.) Muddle it in or top it off! You can even set up a little bar station so your guests can get creative. Yum!

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