Fakeover: 3 Ways to Fake a Spicy Makeover


The itch to switch up your look from time to time can become unbearable, tempting you to take a pair of scissors to your hair, grab a box of dye for a new hue, or sharpen your nails into stilettos! Instead of regretting such rash beauty decisions, here are three subtler ways to spice up your beauty routine for a tantalizing new you.

Create a Faux Bob

Getting tired of your long locks but can’t commit to a cut? You can fake it until you make it with a bold faux bob that can be pulled together in no time! Start by pulling your hair back into a low, loose ponytail, tying it up at the very end of the ponytail. Next, roll the hair under the elastic, tucking it toward the nape of the neck. Spread the hair evenly in a horizontal direction to create a convincing look by leaving the sides of the hair out. Secure the look with bobby pins and a spritz of hair spray to give everyone a look at the zesty “new” you.

Switch Up Your Lip Look

Is your favorite lip hue no longer working for you? Take a deep breath and choose a color from the other end of the spectrum! If a classic red is your go-to shade, opt for bright pop of pink. If berry is more your jam, try a slinky nude hue for a bold contrast that will add some zest to your look.

You don’t have to restrict yourself to just a shade switch—you can also play with textures for a daring new look! Swap a satin lipstick for a glimmering gloss. Try toning down a high shine with a matte lip color or a lip stain for a longer-lasting effect. You can even layer the products to create a hot customized color—there’s no end to the spicy combinations you can try out!

Nail a Magnificent Mani in an Instant

Thanks to #ManiMonday, ladies everywhere have stepped up their nail game. You can easily stand out from the crowd without the cost and time commitment with the help of nail wraps and express manicures. The wraps offer a more natural look that can last a week with a topcoat, while the express manicures can have a shorter lifespan and add nail length. Best of all, both offer an array of zesty, colorful designs to choose from!

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