Fashion Emergency? Try These Flawless Fixes


We know how frustrating it can be to lose a button, snag your tights, or stain your favorite outfit—especially during a night on the town. Trust us—we’ve been there! When you’re not at home and there doesn’t seem to be a dry cleaner or tailor in sight, remember these easy solutions to your fashion emergency. Most of these simple fixes can fit in your purse (clear nail polish) or can be borrowed from a fellow partygoer (baby wipes). Check out four of our favorite fashion fixes.

1. Zipper Stuck?
Instead of forcing it, which could rip the zipper and leave you with an unnecessary bill from the tailor, rub graphite from a pencil on the zipper to loosen it up. If you’re worried about staining a lighter fabric with the pencil lead, try bar soap or candle wax instead.

2. Stop a Run in Your Tights
Stop a run from getting worse by using clear nail polish. Hair spray is another good solution for tights. One more use for clear nail polish? Dab a little on a loose button to prevent it from falling off.

3. Pilling Sweater
Don’t pull off pills! You could risk snagging the sweater. Instead, gently rub a piece of Velcro to remove them.

4. Remove Makeup Stains
Rub a baby wipe over the stains until you’re able to get home to the washing machine. Baby wipes also work well for cleaning dirty shoes and removing lint from clothing.