Fashion Week Gets Sporty


Fitness & Sport: Hot Tickets at New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is getting sportier and injecting fitness into the designs and visuals of fashions shows. Is it because the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week crew are now fitnessistas? Whatever it is, I love it, because the fashion world can’t ignore the fact that fitness helps us fit into the chic clothes that earn us double takes.

Over the last 6 months, sporty details in high fashion have graced the pages of Vogue and all the magazines that matter. But they’re usually missing from the catwalks of New York Fashion Week as designers prefer to showcase their fancier collections and put on a dazzling show. I get it. I may be a fitness-obsessed-girl but I still like to dress up with the best of ‘em.

This last New York Fashion Week which ran from February 7 – 14, 2013, really astounded me because the Y-3 and Betsey Johnson shows were screaming with love for fitness and sportswear. And even though you’d expect it at Nike, I couldn’t believe my eyes at how well this brand has integrated flashy street fashion into their footwear. Bill Cunningham’s next photo collage may very well be of sneaker wedges because Nike is churning out killer styles like a sweat factory directed by Warhol.

Fitness and sport are playing a larger role than ever in our busy, fashion-clad lives. We used to care less about our appearance or style at the gym. We conformed to uniforms of sport and lazily matched colors to make a half-ass effort, but now, we make a statement. These statements have crossed over to the catwalks of Fashion Week. Designers see opportunity in it … companies want to profit. Fitness fashion has arrived and it’s got a hot seat.

Y-3 has always been sportswear themed but it took a turn for urban-goth for a while. And now they’re back, stronger than ever with active inspiration bouncing in the most recent collection like frisky atoms that can’t get enough.

“Future Thrift” was the concept of the Y-3 fashion show I attended. The models on the catwalk emanated an après gym feel, with slicked back greasy hair and glowing oxygenated faces. They were layered up in mostly black. Some wore windbreaker inspired zip-up jackets and others donned pops of magnificent neon green and orange (from eyelids to feet). Neon was a hit in active wear last summer. Looks like Yohji Yamamoto, the label’s designer took note.

The show that Fashion Week attendees just couldn’t stop talking, tweeting and instagraming about belonged to the one and only Betsey Johnson. Not only did she debut gym-bound apparel like leopard-print leggings, tank tops and tracksuit-style hoodies but her catwalk transformed into a cardio show of yoga poses. Champagne bottles were on hand, literally, for models to do their biceps curls. Cheers to Betsey! What a genius way to fuse fitness with lifestyle! There’s no doubt in my mind, Betsey concocted her show during a workout session. The clue spelled out above the catwalk exit: “BJkicksA”

Fitness and sport are going big-time on the fashion scene. I just hope they remember the little people and save me a seat for the show … ’cause I’ll be watching!

Contributing Editor, Bianca Jade, a leading lifestyle, beauty and fitness expert, is the founder and editor of top fitness, fashion and wellness website, Known to her readers as MizzFIT, Jade brings the latest trends in fitness apparel and accessories from around the globe, highlighting active wear from both emerging designers and major luxury sportswear brands. Through her writing, Jade is continuously committed to furthering a movement of feel-good exercise and female empowerment.