Father’s Day Roundup: Tech Gifts for Daddy Dearest


Skip the tie and get techy this Father's Day with a gift that'll bring Pops into the 21st century. We've rounded up seven of our favorite forward-thinking innovations of the past year for you to choose from.

1. The Silent Alarm Clock Watch by Mute Watch has a sleek Swedish design, stealth touch screen, and vibrating alarm feature that only the wearer will experience. Dad can get up on time for work, Mom won't be stirred by his wake-up call, and everybody will be happy..

Silent Alarm Clock Watch by Mute Watch, available at Ahalife.com for $259

2. For the father who carries around his wallet, cell, and nothing else, the ChargeCard is sure to come in handy. The portable cable for charging your iPhone or Android is fuss-free and practical, and it doesn't require a man-purse (of sorts) to transport it.

ChargeCard, available at Chargecardproject.com for $25

3. This unique, handmade iPad mini cover from Addaskin's Etsy shop will definitely make Dad stand out among his fellow Apple-toting comrades. Made of gray wool felt with leather straps, the anti-static protector also has a front flap for his tablet accessories. We may just have to get ourselves one as well.

iPad Mini Case, available at Etsy.com for $34

4. No more crying over spilled coffee, Dad! This keyboard from Logitech is liquid-proof and washable. Clumsy fathers, rejoice! Sorry, sorry—not clumsy … overextended.

Logitech Washable Keyboard, available at Amazon.com for $14.99

5. The wearable Boombot REX will blast Dad's tunes clear as day during his next bike ride or weekend ski run. When he's done with his outdoor fun, he can clip the ultraportable speaker onto the sun visor of his car, where it'll become a hands-free mobile companion with Siri and voice control remote access and a custom-tuned microphone. We'll be borrowing this one when you're done, Daddy dearest.

Boombot REX, available at Boombotix.com for $119

6. Fathers who stay in shape by swimming laps will love Sony's Waterproof Walkman. And for dads who don't work out in the pool, this gift is sure to inspire a change of heart.

Sony Walkman Sports MP3 Player, available at Sony.com for $79.99

7. Help Dad master his swing with the SwingTIP Wireless Golf Swing Analyzer, delivering the ultimate interactive and visual learning experience by breaking down the things he did wrong (or right) in his attempt to hit the ball. With this thoughtful Father's Day gift, it's only a matter of time before Pops goes pro and you're hanging out with a very handsome Adam Scott. Genius.

SwingTIP Golf Swing Analyzer, available at Golfgalaxy.com for $129.99