Feel Cool in Gwen Stefani’s New Pants


No longer does Gwenny only have a little L.A.M.B!

Gwen Stefani teamed up with denim guru Micheal Glasser to create DWP, a non-demin line that aims to supplement the five-pocket staple by filling the void in women’s wardrobes for casual clothes with chic attitude, Women’s Wear Dailyis reporting.

Leave to it to the rocker mother of [soon-to-be] three to want to inject some cool attitude into the necessary evil that is denim. Glasser was down for the cause.

“A buyer from Neiman Marcus came up to me and said, ‘If you show me another five-pocket jean, I’m going to punch you.’ So I thought, ‘Do I really want to show a new jeans line? I don’t think so.’ I called Gwen and said, ‘I’m not sure it’s the right time.’

Enter DWP, a sustainable premium denim line made up of 18-pieces wholesaling from $80 to $130 that requires zero heat and a gallon of water to produce. Perhaps now the Department of Water and Power acronym makes sense?

“I’ve been spoiled being in the fashion business,” Stefani told WWD. “My son will be like, ‘Mommy, 20 new pairs of shoes came today. How come?’ Because I’m always telling him it’s not normal to have 20 pairs of tennis shoes to try on before school. People have like one or two. But at our house,” she laughs, “you have access to all these clothes from all your lines. It’s like my dream, and a lot of it is stuff I actually dreamed up. But I’m always still missing those pieces and it’s so annoying, and I don’t mean to be greedy, but it’s the same with everyone. I’m like, ‘OK, am I really going to wear that again?’ So this is about trying to find that piece that is super wearable but you still feel cool in.

With styles named the Gwen, Drew and Leah, the treated Tencels mimic black, brushed silk, or broken-in denim, in a slouchy, slightly tapered cropped trouser made with the same techniques as high-end counterparts, we imagine it wouldn’t be hard, at all, to feel cool.