#FlywithAmelia: Modern Day Amelia Takes Us Around The World


While we may not have been in the cockpit, thanks to the modern day Amelia Rose Earhart, we were still able to experience her flight around the world as she live-streamed it. On June 26, Earhart with co-pilot Shane Jordan embarked on a 17-day journey to symbolically recreate Amelia Mary Earhart’s flight in 1937.

Earhart is the youngest woman to fly across the world in a single engine plane and with Target as the exclusive electronics partner to The Amelia Project, she is also the first to fully live-stream the social media-integrated flight. “Social media is how we communicate emotions, experiences, and major life events,” Earhart said. Using her iPad Mini and iPhone 5S, Earhart was able to share her experience and connect to followers using the hashtag #FlyWithAmelia. “It was only natural that we use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to show the beauty, excitement and wonder of the flight around the world.”

The devices allowed Earhart to connect with followers every step of the way by updating their location, sharing pictures, feelings, attitudes, and facts about Amelia Earhart and receive encouragement from followers.In addition to interacting via social media and documenting her experience, Earhart used the electronics for collecting data, engine information, and navigation and even to keep fit with a Fitbit Flex during her 108.6-hour journey.

Of their 17 stops, Earhart’s favorite was in Tanzania at the Kilimanjaro Airport where she stayed in an African hut at the base of the mountain and ate chicken curry, rice, and pumpkin soup. Flying over 28,000 miles of land and water, there was one view that stood out to Earhart. “Howland Island was my favorite location to overfly. I felt like Amelia Mary Earhart was there in spirit with us as we flew over the island where she intended to land,” Earhart said, tweeting a bird’s eye view photo while flying over the island.

Talk about the journey of a lifetime!