Food, Fever, and Monday Morning Deadlines

Hi Ya'll. How was your weekend? Mine was so-so. Baby Viva an MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) shot on Friday and has had a 103.7 F. fever on and off ever since, although my doc is quick to suggest the two are unrelated. Regardless, as any mommy will tell you, unhappy baby = unhappy mom.

We spent a gloriously sunny Sunday in the ER, and as we waited two hours for them to tell us to go home and wait it out I couldn't help but wonder whether the cute 20ishsomething intern with long black tresses, loads of makeup, and stripper perfume (my husband's words, not mine) occasionally screwed our confident and attractive 50something doctor in the storage room. Clearly I've been taking “Grey's Anatomy” too seriously.

Other than that, Colie and I did another restaurant review for Marin Magazine on Saturday night. This time the evening's menu was slightly slimmer:

cauliflower soup with white truffle oil
bites of seared ahi tuna with caviar, bay shrimp salad, & smoked salmon tartare
ahi tuna tartare with truffled ponzu and nori crisps
fried artichoke salad (yum, yum!)
sauteed prawns with couscous, chorizo, sweet peas & parsley sauce
pan-roasted salmon with rock shrimp, and tamato nage
pancetta-wrapped venison loin with foie gras butter, Brussels sprouts & pommes gratin
ginger cake with hard sauce
apple and berry crisp with vanilla ice cream

No, we didn't share this menu. We each got heaping helpings. (Ugh. And this just after I slimmed down for last weekend's birthday bash.)

Note to self and all food-loving couples: Gorging is not good for the sex life since everyone involved is too full and tired to do anything but lie around and rub their bellies.

From now on restaurant reviews are saved for friends on weeknights and coveted date night (Saturday) will be reserved for activities that are less coma-inducing.

Gotta get on a quick deadline and but check back quickly for something more useful to you than Monday morning blather.

This week I'm definitely offering all kinds of food, wine, party, and entertaining fun.

Ciao for now.

–Erika Lenkert

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