Fragrances for Every Mood


If you’re a GUESS Girl fragrance fanatic, obsessed with this playfully sweet yet seductively woody scent, perhaps you’re feeling especially daring lately. You’re in the mood to take on life in a way we often don’t—revel in the glory of adventure and grab fun by the horns. This youthful fragrance gives you the extra nudge to do just that.

Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum
With leather undertones, hints of citrus, and a woody essence, this musky fragrance is ideal for those days when you’re feeling especially mysterious. Like Bottega Veneta’s tangling of complementing, seductive scents, you too seem complex. Whatever your hidden agenda, there’s a quiet confidence about your cryptic behavior, making you especially alluring as well.

See by Chloé
This elegant, energetic floral fruit scent reflects the feeling of being in love, whether with someone, something, or life in general. You’re excited and passionate yet calm and grounded in the haze of romance. As with See by Chloé, falling in love ignites seemingly conflicting traits that harmonize in the end.