French Lessons With Guillaume Henry

Tuesday night, we headed uptown to Barney's to catch up with Carven’s Guillaume Henry, who was in town for his trunk show. . The young Parisian and former assistant to Riccardo Tisci has breathed new life into the old French couture house. He opened up about what's inspiring him, his vision for the label, and his favorite New York hot spots.

Welcome to New York! Did you just arrive this morning?
Thank you! Yes, I arrived early this morning from Chicago, so I am not too jetlagged, thankfully.

There is quite the turnout this evening, congrats!
Thank you! I feel great this evening. I feel like a little kid in front of a pile of Christmas presents! Very enthusiastic! Two hours ago I was sleeping because I was tired from so much travel and then I saw all these people come out for the trunk show, and it woke me up! Such a great sight.

What mood were you hoping to evoke with this collection?
The collection is inspired by traveling through imagination, like the adventures in children’s books by Jules Verne. He wrote Around the World in Eighty Days, which served as the inspiration. You will see preppy silhouettes but with prints, and many vintage-looking fabrics.

What are your favorite places to visit in New York?
I love just walking around. New York is a perfect place to get lost. It’s all so clearly mapped out…it’s on a grid, after all, but it’s also such a fantastic place to wander and get lost. I love traveling outside the city as well, in Brooklyn. So many new places to discover.

Favorite spot to grab a bite?
I always love the Ace Hotel and the Bowery Hotel.

If you could go anywhere after this, where would you go?
Straight into a bubble bath with a glass of chardonnay.