Fresh Faced for 2014: The Skin Savers You Need Now


With the New Year comes a new commitment to a better skincare regimen, so luckily there are a slew of new formulas hitting shelves that will help keep your skin in tip top shape, including the newest letter(s) to the alphabet cream team.

We’ve gone through the BB, CC, and, yes, even DD creams, but Previse’s upcoming EE innovation isn’t a cream at all. EE stands for extra exfoliation of the brand’s MarineGranuals Exfoliating Gel and combines with your regular cleanser, transforming into an easy mousse. Formulated with oatmeal, bamboo stem powder, marine algae extract, and jojoba beads, the sensitive skin friendly gel is a travel friendly version of the Clarisonic system; plus, it’s slated to hits shelves in time for spring break!

Sticking to sensitive skin, Yes to Carrots is expanding its classic range with a fragrance-free collection. Don’t worry; its signature beta-carotene isn’t going anywhere, but is continuing to expand its horizons! The brand sought to answer fans’ requests to nix fragrance from some of their skincare favorites while retaining all the nourishing ingredients mean to hydrate and soften skin. “Yes to Carrots has been such a primary driver, and the family is our oldest sibling,” Ido Leffler, cofounder of Yes To Inc. told Women’s Wear Daily. “A lot of people have very dry skin, irritated skin or skin that requires a little more TLC.”

From the drugstore to the medi-spa, Stemology brings together the botanicals that many have relied on with more effective stem cell technology. Using adult stem cells, the brand’s cytokinal peptides better penetrate the skin to recharge its natural youthfulness. Its Cell Revive Serum Complete tackles 12 signs of aging, including moisture, pore refinement, redness reduction, as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles that might be enough to have many running to their dermatologists office.

As we’re all snowed in, the bitter cold and dry heat can wreak havoc on skin, but there’s now a Canadian import to help soothe. Skinfix, which has roots in England, found many Americans snapping up their repair balms and salves to combat eczema, chafing, dryness, rashes, and redness for every member of the family. But as of last month, the brand underwent a makeover to arrive at C.O. Bigelow shops in the U.S. so you can kiss dry winter skin goodbye.

With all of the new formulas hitting shelves, we’re not sure which one to snap up first!