From The Dead of Winter, Fashionable Florals Still Bloom

There's no such rule that says your floral wear must be reserved for spring. Just because the real blossoms are nowhere to be found this season, mother nature's prerogative doesn't have to freeze the relationship we have with one of our favorite prints. Rather than donning dainty feminine style flowered patterns, go for oversized, darker florals for winter. The look is more dramatic, in line with the moodier months that are upon us. If you need some pieces to spark your interest, check out the She Finds slideshow of their top winter floral picks. Note that each article boasts a black background, an important factor in toughening up the pastel colored flowers to be cold weather ready.

We love how the models in Blue is in Fashion This Year rocked the look with their bottom wear. Definitely daring, but so spot on. As they did with their chunky knit sweaters, don't forget to mix up the textures and materials for some cold weather layering that'll really make the florals seasonal appropriate. If you're looking for celebrity inspiration, check out how Jamie King threw a trendy leather moto jacket over her flower power dress recently, giving her sweet and springy frock an edge for fall and winter.

For another timeless print that can be styled in any season, check out polka-dots!

image via Blue is in Fashion This Year